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Purchasing a home in New York City can be quite daunting.  How does it work?  Where do you begin?  Can I afford the kind of home I want to live in?  All these questions are great and we are here to help you answer them and more.  


While we very much look forward to hearing from you so we can review the best course of action for your specific goals, this page will help you understand the overview of the sales process in New York City.




If you've read our philosophy or have worked with us before, then you know we really want to help our clients find a new apartment that they are thrilled to come home to each and every day, or purchase an investment property that will serve you well financially over the length of your ownership.  Your happiness is our paramount focus and we want to be your real estate broker for life.  


Therefore if you're just starting to look for a new home, been looking for a while and are unsatisfied with how it's been going, or just have a question, please reach out to us for a consultation so we can find out the details of your situation, and advise you on the best course of action for your personal search.  


If you share with us your information below then we can get started...

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