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Would you like to be excited about your career?


Dear Agent I am looking for...


I am writing this note personally because chances are I know how you're feeling right now.  I assume if you're reading this you are either a new real estate agent both excited and nervous to get your real estate career started, or an experienced agent who is considering leaving your current real estate brokerage.  In either case I've been in your shoes.  And obviously if you're looking for change that means something is unsatisfying where you currently are.  


However you arrived in your current situation, I give you lots of credit for deciding to take action to make your life better and more fulfilled.  And now I would like to help do my part to make that happen for you.


I am a huge believer that when you feel excited and fulfilled about something then you do it better because it becomes something you want to do, as opposed to something you have to do.  We all want to make a good living, however when you only work for money then there is a ceiling on your happiness.  The irony is that when you love what you do first, then you work harder, and as a result...Earn more.  This is the difference between a job and a career.  


In over a decade of real estate experience both as a successful agent and mentor at some of the largest real estate brokerages in New York, I realized that in my career I love helping people find a home they are thrilled about, and also helping agents who have great potential reach that potential.  That is what makes me excited to wake up in the morning and what I want to do for you personally.


In creating The Berkson Group, my goal is to create an atmosphere where you are excited, where you are fulfilled, and where you are happy to call real estate a "career."  We do this is by treating you as you and not just an agent at a desk.  As a result we can identify your individual strengths and weaknesses, and based on that make sure you have all the assets you need so that you can cultivate a very successful, and fulfilling, real estate business.  


And after all that I want you to earn what you feel your worth.  If you're working hard and doing well, you will be compensated in kind.  And in terms of getting a higher split, you shouldn't have to wait until the end of the year to be rewarded financially.  That is why I believe in rewarding my agents throughout the year based on your more recent work.  A major part of creating an exciting and fulfilling atmosphere is ensuring that any agent believes that they are compensated fairly, and you will be.


Hopefully after reading this you're excited to take the next step which is to meet and see if we help make your career that much more fulfilling for you - Both emotionally and financially.  If you're a great person, hard worker, and ready to get started immediately, then you are the agent I am looking for.  


I am excited to hear from you.




Matthew Berkson


The Berkson Group

3 Columbus Circle, 15th Floor

New York, NY 10019

o:   212.520.2930

m:  917.673.8068

f:    646.661.2320

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