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The Berkson Group was born out of a passion for real estate, creativity, but most importantly a desire to see every client happy with his/her purchase, sale, rental, or investment. That is the primary goal that Founder Matthew Berkson focused on with every client he has worked with in his over decade-long real estate career.

One of the great secrets so few talk about when it comes to real estate is that your relationship with your broker/agent is everything. The name of any real estate agency is only as good as the broker you’re working with.  At The Berkson Group we want to shatter any preconceived notions you may have about real estate professionals, and instead have you rave about us in terms of honesty, knowledge, & customer service. We want you to feel like we care because we do.


There are thousands of real estate agents that can help clients find a new home. However at the end of the transaction how many of those clients can honestly say they were pleased with the entire process from initial contact with the agent through closing, and perhaps even after?  Ensuring that every client we form a relationship with is thrilled with the property they bought, sold, rented, or invested in as well as our service throughout the transaction is what The Berkson Group is all about. The more you get to know us the more we want you to feel heard, respected, trusted, important, excited, and ultimately proud to introduce anyone in your network to us, because you want their real estate needs taken care of just as well as yours were.  


At The Berkson Group we believe we are first human beings and as a result we always want to do what is right.  That is the compass that directs every action we take.  We also believe that the best things in life come when you have a passion for them...And we have a passion for helping people with their real estate needs.


If you want to find a real estate professional you not only trust and are excited to work with, but also form a relationship with so you can feel confident all your needs will be met now and in the future, then we are just as excited to hear from you.

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