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Rental Guide

Here are just some of the services we provide to our clients when they employ us to rent their property:

Comprehensive Pricing Analysis

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Chances are that we will share with you tons of information and guidance before you even officially make the decision to work with us.  The more knowledge we have the better we can serve our clients.  Having years and years of real estate experience to draw on there's a good chance we already know about your building and how to market your property, but we always do additional research to find out all we can about your particular apartment and its value relative to the overall market.

We have been renting out every type of apartment since 2003 with great success, so we know we can do the same for you no matter the type of property you own.   While any rental market will guide us on pricing, we have a keen eye to be able to see the apartment through the eyes of a renter.  By doing so, we can advise and assist you on subtle improvements to your home that will enable us to list the apartment for a higher value and ultimately secure a bigger financial return for you.


Limitless Marketing

Once a property is ready to be listed, the key to getting the greatest financial reward from the lease of any home is to make sure that every potential renter knows that your apartment is on the market and available.  There are too many apartments on the market listed by owners or other agents where the owner has no idea where the property is being marketed, and therefore where it might not be marketed.  At The Berkson Group our primary goal is to make sure that every potential tenant looking for a home knows your apartment is for rent, whether they are looking by themselves or working with any other real estate agency.  We will do this by using our relationships with every major real estate media outlet as well as our social media accounts to ensure that is the case.  As a result you can feel confident that once you list your apartment with us that your property is reaching the right audience...Because it will reach the entire audience.


Qualifying Renters

A common mistake made by owners & other agents is to not fully qualify the person who wants to apply for a property.  It can be very exciting to receive an offer on your property to rent, but how do you know that person will pay your rent throughout the life of their tenancy?  How do you know that they won't call you every day nagging about any number of minor things?  There is so much that goes into canvassing someone for an apartment, and we're here to make sure that the applicant can not only afford the apartment, but will be a wonderful tenant throughout the lease term.

Showing Availability

If you have ever hired someone to rent out of one of your properties before, you may not be aware that your apartment might not have been shown nearly as much as it should have.  Consequently you may have lost out on an offer that might have been higher than the price you ultimately accepted, or you may have rented to a less than desirable tenant.  Having worked extensively with renters over the years, we know what it's like to try to schedule appointments to see properties only to be told that it cannot be shown.  If a property cannot be shown, then it cannot rent.  That is why we ensure that an apartment can be shown almost any time, as you never know who might wind up wanting it based on a single showing.  The only thing that should prevent a showing of your property is your telling us that a certain time does not work for you.  


Real Estate Vendor Referrals

Whether you are moving out of your primary residence or an investor who needs an apartment painted and cleaned so that your property shows better, we have an extensive network of excellent real estate vendors who can service all of your real estate needs. 

A Smooth Transaction

Given the nature of how much is involved in the average real estate rental, it's very rare for a transaction to not have a few bumps in the road along the way.  A big part of the reason for you to hire a real estate professional is to make your life easier by handling those bumps without you having additional stress because of them.  At The Berkson Group we don't just handle bumps, we anticipate them so they can be minimized if not avoided altogether. 

The Future

In addition to securing a wonderful tenant at the highest rent possible, we also want to be thinking about your future interests as well.  What if you prefer a two-year lease?  What if you want to sell the apartment after a year?  How can we minimize vacancy should the tenant decide not to renew the lease?  These are just some of the things we are thinking about for you from day one so that you are always best positioned to achieve your future goals.  

A real estate professional should be providing you with a great service and always looking out for your interests. At The Berkson Group that is exactly what we do.  We are always focused on the big picture as we want to form a great working relationship with you so that the next time you, or anyone you know, needs to sell, purchase, rent, or invest in real estate, you're as excited to work with us again as we are with you.

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