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Seller's Guide

Here are just some of the services we provide to our clients when they employ us to sell their home:

Comprehensive Pricing Analysis

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Chances are that we will share with you tons of information and guidance before you even officially make the decision to work with us.  The more knowledge we have the better we can assist our clients. Having years and years of real estate experience to draw on there's a good chance we already know about your building and how to market it, but we're going to research and find out all we need to know about your particular apartment and its value.

As experienced real estate professionals we've not only sold millions and millions of dollars worth of real estate, but we also have a keen eye and know how to see any apartment through the eyes of a potential buyer.  By doing so, we can advise and assist you on small improvements to your home before we starting marketing the property that will turn into bigger financial returns once the apartment is listed for sale.


Limitless Marketing

They absolute key to getting the greatest financial reward from the sale of any home is to make sure that every potential buyer not only knows that your apartment is for sale, but all the relevant information about it as well.  There are too many homes out there being sold by owners or other agents and yet the seller has no idea how many real estate media outlets their apartment is not being marketed on.  At The Berkson Group our primary goal is to make sure that every buyer out there knows your apartment is for sale whether they are looking by themselves or working with any other real estate agency. As a result we will use our relationships with every major real estate media outlet as well as our social media accounts to ensure that is the case.  


Qualifying Buyers

A common mistake made by sellers & agents is to not qualify the person who is making a bid on your home.  It can be very exciting to receive an offer for sale, but how do you know that person could pass your co-op board, could get a loan for the full amount of their offer, or will not back out after you've turned down other more qualified offers?  There is so much more that goes into making an offer then just throwing out a number, and we're here to make sure that the bidder can not only afford the apartment, but will also see the transaction through to closing.  

Showing Availability

If you've hired an agent before to sell any property you've owned, you may not be aware that your home wasn't shown nearly as much as it should have been.  As a result, you may have lost out on an offer that might have been higher than the price you ultimately sold for.  Having worked with tons of buyers over the years, we know what it's like to try to schedule appointments to see properties only to be told that it cannot be shown.  If a property cannot be shown, then it cannot sell. The only thing that should prevent a showing of your home is your telling us that a certain time does not work for you.  

Real Estate Vendor Referrals

Whether you are moving out of your primary residence or an investor who needs an apartment painted and cleaned so that your property shows better, we have an extensive network of excellent real estate vendors who can service all of your real estate needs. 

Leasing For Investors

A Smooth Transaction

Given the nature of how much is involved in the average real estate sale, it's very rare for a transaction to not have a few bumps in the road along the way.  A big part of the reason for you to hire a real estate agent is to make your life easier by handling those bumps without you having additional stress because of them.  When you hire a real estate professional at The Berkson Group you are essentially hiring a "real estate shock-absorber," so that that any unforeseen issues that arise are handled quickly so that the ride from listing the apartments to closing on it is as smooth as possible.

After The Closing

While our fee for service covers every aspect of a sale transaction from initial marketing through closing, we believe in forging a superior working relationship with our clients that extends way past any agreement. We want to be your real estate agency for life and will always be available and excited to service you again whether it is a future sale, purchase, or just to answer a question or provide some advice.  Quite simply...We are always here for you.  

Since The Berkson Group handles every aspect of the residential real estate market, we also successfully lease out any investment property for the highest rent the market will bear.  In addition we are superb as canvassing potential tenants so that whoever rents your apartment will be financially qualified, respectful of your property, and most importantly, pay rent on time.  

The Brokerage Fee

A great real estate agent should be providing you with a great service and the brokerage commission is the fee for that service.  At The Berkson Group our fee for procuring the highest price possible is 6% of the price of the property.  Those who have worked with us before know that we service our clients as if that rate was much higher.  


We not only want to be your "one-stop shopping" for everything real estate in New York, but want to form a great working relationship so that the next time you, or anyone you know, needs to sell, purchase, rent, or invest in real estate you're as excited to work with us again as we are with you.


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