Whether it is listing an apartment for sale or assisting a buyer with a purchase, Kimberly’s ability to not only listen to, but also anticipate her clients’ needs, is what separates her as a star in this competitive market. She is a vibrant, driven, and proficient real estate professional with the ability to cater to the needs of any client. Kimberly believes the key to any successful relationship is the ability to both appreciate and care about the motivations and needs of those she works with, and that is matched by her ability to ensure those goals are achieved. 


Originally from Syracuse, Kimberly has always had a passion for real estate as well as the energy of New York City. As a result, her transition into the NYC real estate market was seamless. “Real estate has always been my calling, and I will never stop working for my clients until they are completely satisfied with each and every transaction”.


Prior to real estate, Kimberly displayed her kindness working in non-profits for both humanitarian organizations as well as the arts. That has served her well in being able to advise clients on how to either stage an apartment for sale, or make one feel more like home after a purchase.  “The place you live can affect your overall well-being, so I pride myself on using my skills and experience to ensure my clients always feel at home.”


When not traversing Manhattan working for her clients, Kimberly is an avid fitness buff and swimmer. She is a participating member in various women-oriented professional organizations, and is always ready to talk about interior design and fashion.


Working with Kimberly means you have a trustworthy, dedicated, and thorough ally in your corner, and she looks forward to having the opportunity to do the same for you.     



Kimberly Ginger

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

3 Columbus Circle, 15th Floor

New York, NY 10019

o:  212-520-2930

m: 315-430-8653

f:   646-661-2320


Kimberly Ginger